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MIT has added new ones in CE certificates

MIT has added new ones in CE certificates

MIT balance tanks, sediment seperators and air seperators also have completed CE certification program, these are certified for 97/23/EC pressure vessel instruction standarts.

MIT sediment seperators body which is seperate sediment-sullage and prevent from depreciation-clogging has made of St37, seperator parts have made of AISI304 steel and sealing provided by PTFE gasket with trust. 

MIT air seperators use for protecting from corrosion, cavitation and sound effect of air. The body covered brass-nickel and has NBR gasket for sealing.

MIT balance tanks which are mixed the hot water that comes from boiler and cold water which goes back to boiler, preventing the heating stress in the boiler. The aim is extend of the system and gain ecomony profit. Products are manufactured according to dimensions of project and applications.

Turkey's well-known brand MIT in the heat transfer industry and fluid technologies, gives 2 years warranty for package systems which are provide sediment seperator, air seperator and balance tanks.

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